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ECOBONUS - Discover at checkout the final price of your scooter discounted to 30% or 40%!

How it works

How online motorcycle buying works
Start your journey now. In small steps, we explain how Askoll Electric online vehicle purchase works on its official online shop.

1. Discover and choose Askoll Italian Electric.

The first step is to discover the various types of scooters available and choose the model that most closely matches the features you want. On the Gamma page you will find all the models for sale on the online shop and you will find all the technical features such as information about the battery, traction, cycling and general information about the scooter; If you don't find a model you were looking for, it means that it is not on sale online.

2. Configure and customize your electric scooter.

Configure the vehicle by choosing the battery range level, the color of the bike, and any optional extras you want to customize your electric scooter with.
Remember: not all range configurations have the same scooter colors, so you may find one model with only one possible battery model color and others with multiple colors.

3. Continue to the summary and choose the ecobonus.

After you have finished your configuration you will be able to see all the costs at the order summary. If you live in Italy you will already know that there are state Ecobonuses while funds last: to view the discounted price with the state fund, proceed to purchase and at checkout you will be able to choose what percentage discount to access. You must then proceed to checkout to view the discount.
There are two types of state subsidy: 30% without scrapping or 40% with scrapping. The one at 30% (without scrapping) entitles you to a discount on the price of the vehicle excluding vat up to a maximum discount of 3,000 euros. The 40% ecobonus with scrapping of a vehicle of the same category (must always be a motorcycle and the vehicle to be scrapped must be a maximum of euro 3) entitles you to a 40% discount on the price of the vehicle excluding vat up to a maximum discount of 4,000 euros(for more information go to this page).).

4. Decide how to pay and upload documents.

At checkout you will be able to choose where to ship your bike and the type of ecobonus. You will be required to pay a 150€ down payment if you choose to pay by card or wire transfer for your bike. If, on the other hand, you choose to apply for financing (in Italy only), you will be able to choose the down payment and you will have to upload all the required data and documents in order to receive quick feedback from Findomestic and pay for your electric scooter in small installments.
Only then will you receive by email the instructions to proceed with signing the contract and uploading the documents in your personal area.
If you have chosen the 40% Italian state ecobonus with scrapping, the attachment in the confirmation email will explain well what documents you need to send immediately to customer service and what steps to follow with scrapping.

5. Receive your bike at home.

In each subsequent step, you will be guided by various emails that will show you step by step how to proceed to successfully finish your online order. After the balance of the motorcycle is settled, you will receive the digital version of the motorcycle documents after a few weeks.

Only if you are in Italy will your motorcycle be registered and the license plate and registration will be sent to you digitally before delivery. Generally, the motorcycle is shipped in about 4-5 weeks from the order date.
Delivery is made by a specialized courier equipped with a hydraulic tailgate who will deliver your Askoll electric scooter to the address you indicated at checkout. Shortly before delivery you will be contacted by phone by the carrier to arrange with him the arrival of your bike.

What are you waiting for? Switch to electric and buy your Askoll Electric motorcycle online now!