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eB1 plus
Fall in love with its "attitude" and enjoy living 100%.

250 W

Range (up to)

80 Km*


25 Km/h

Charging time

5 hours x 100%

* According 168/2013 CE

Colour range

Designed and manufactured in Italy

Nature turns up the volume.

Every time you travel with eB1 plus you also reduce noise pollution.

Wherever you want to go, eB1 plus is there.

For you, to whizz through the city or indulge in cycling tourism.

Are you ready for your daily dose of good humour?

Get on the eB1 plus saddle: work out, have fun, relax. And the city has never been so beautiful.


Type: Lithium-ion
Capacity: 300 Wh
Voltage - Amps: 36 V - 9 Ah
Weight - Load: 2,6 kg
Charging time: 5 hours x 100% (3 hours at 80%)
Range (up to): 80 km*
* According 168/2013 CE
Engine: Askoll brushless electric motor integrated into the front hub
Power: 250 W nominal rating
Max speed: 25 km/h
Max torque: 40 Nm
Assistance levels: 4 + unassisted mode
Gear shift: Sturmey Archer - 5 speeds
Front brakes: V-BRAKE - Integrated trasmission cables
Rear brakes: V-BRAKE - integrated into the frame
Wheels: M: 26” x 1 3/8 aluminium double wall; L: 28” x 1 5/8 aluminium double wall
Length: M: 1.770 mm; L: 1.840 mm
Width handlebar: 655 mm
Total weight: M: 22 kg; L: 23 kg
Max. load: 120 kg
Material Aluminium
Fork type Rigid
Handlebar connection Adjustable
Seatpost tube Amortized
Configurations Unisex
Front Lighting LED
Rear lighting LED