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Which eS model is the best for you?

Do you know what an e-scooter is? eS is the essence of e-mobility: a 100% electric-born vehicle that lets you enjoy life like no other. You can travel without the stress of parking and traffic. You make a huge saving and whatever you save you can use to do what you really like. Plus, you make your planet happy. What more can we say? Enjoy eS.

The electric future. Today.

Digital display with connectivity module, Bluetooth communication with dedicated App, LED lighting. EVOlution stems from the idea that technology can still amaze you.

NGS: the new generation of electric scooters has arrived.

Incredible NGS. It succeeds in combining the future with Italian motorcycling tradition. So you won’t regret the design of your old scooter, but you can go directly into the electric world.

Designed and manufactured in Italy