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the ebike that conquers the city.

250 W

Range (up to)

70 Km*


25 Km/h

Charging time

5 hours x 100%

* According 168/2013 CE

Colour range

Designed and manufactured in Italy

Travel. Together. Everywhere.

ebolt is just like you: it loves move freely and easily across big cities or among little downtown streets. It takes you wherever you want, it follows you in allo your trips, it doesn't pollute the air, it's awesome, it's definitely ahead.
Are you ready to travel with it?

It's compact, but it forfeits nothing.

Let’s look at the details: ebolt has a 25 km / h top speed and a maximum range of 70 km. The brushless motor is located into the rear hub and the battery is easily removable and rechargeble everywhere.

5 cents, 100% charge.

Yes, you understood right: one complete recharging cycle from 0% to 100% costs only 5 cents (based on the average nighttime electricity rate of 0,15 €/kWh). And if you are short on time, you can recharge it even partially: 15 minutes of charge ensure 5 km of travel with assistance level 1.


Type: Lithium-ion
Capacity: 300 Wh
Voltage - Amps: 36 V - 9 Ah
Weight - Load: 2,6 kg
Charging time: 5 hours x 100% (3 hours at 80%)
Range (up to): 70 km*
* According 168/2013 CE
Engine: Askoll Brushless rear motor
Power: 250 W nominal rating
Max speed: 25 km/h
Max torque: 40 Nm
Assistance levels: 4 + unassisted mode
Gear shift: Single speed
Front brakes: V-BRAKE
Rear brakes: V-BRAKE
Wheels: 20"
Length: 1.470 mm
Width handlebar: 700 mm
Height: 1.070 mm
Total weight: 19 Kg
Material Aluminium
Handlebar connection BMX black
Saddle Standard saddle with black stem
Front Lighting LED
Rear lighting LED