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37 liter Top Case

Product code: 9V044800
€ 189,90


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es2, es2 EVOlution, es3 EVOlution, NGS2, NGS3, XKP 45 2.8 MY2023, XKP 70 2.8 MY2023


With the 37-liter Askoll top case, you'll make Inspector Gadget jealous: inside you can in fact put everything you need for your day and much more: the helmet, your favorite jacket, gloves, the book you're about to to finish, a camera... It's perfect for your adventures in the city.

*To attach the top case on NGS line scooters, you need to purchase the NGS top case fixing plate (code 9V036600).

**To attach the top case on XKP line scooters, it is instead necessary to purchase the XKP top case support (code 9V045100)

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