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Child’s seat

Product code: 9V001600
€ 79,90


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Child's rear seat with system for fixing it to the frame. It is fixed to the column of the frame. It can be adapted to frames with a diameter between 28mm and 40mm Supporting arm that cushions the roughness of the ground Footrest: adjustable in height in 15 positions, equipped with safety straps to prevent the child's feet from coming into contact with the spokes of the wheel Safety belts with three retention points, adjustable in height in three positions and adjustable in length Thermoformed, water-repellent and athermic padding Padding washable with warm water and neutral soap Non-toxic materials Rear fixing block included.Suitable for carrying children of a minimum age of approximately 9 months and/or a minimum weight of 15 kg, up to a maximum of 22 kg. The seat can be attached directly to the frame of the ebike, but for added safety it is advisable to also install the carrier.

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